The Giving Tree



Wednesday, October 20

Time: 5-9 pm.
Gopher Bar

Donate a gas card, grocery card or a Visa or Master Card for Educational Books. This will help gynecological cancer and breast cancer patients through Circle of Hope!

“The giving season is upon us, and we are proud to host THE GIVING TREE SHOPPING EVENT @ The Gopher to help the Circle of Hope during the Holiday Season.

For this event we are asking for GIFT CARD for FOOD & GAS & VISA cards for books to fill our Christmas Tree. The benefit for you is not only the warm and fuzzy feeling of giving but the amount of the gift card is the percentage off you get at Dragonfly Oils and Accessories products. So the larger the donation / gift card the larger the percentage off the item of your choice.

“The Circle of Hope is an amazing organization that helps the people of MN and WI suffering with Cancer to get to their appointments, food, reading material and whatever else they can to help, we will have information for you. This isn’t something that hits “close to home”; it hits our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, anyone else.”-Jody and Nicolle

Donate online as well to Circle of Hope Stage IV breast cancer research locally at the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School or to help patients with medical bills or daily living expenses.