Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research

Over the past nearly 35 years,  Komen has made tremendous progress against this disease. But despite that progress, more than 40,000 women and men are dying every year in the U.S. We can do better. This is their new direction. This is our Bold Goal. Learn more about how they plan to make this happen:



Susan G. Komen announced on September 13, 2016 that they have set a bold goal to reduce U.S. Breast Cancer Deaths by 50% in 10 years. The plan targets health equity for all and enhanced research focus for the most lethal breast cancers. What that means is that they will reduce the 40,000 breast cancer deaths by 50% in 10 years by improving access to quality and timely cancer care for the undeserved and enhancing Komen’s research focus on lethal breast cancers. Dr. Judith Salerno the CEO of Susan G. Komen states “We know that people die of breast cancer for 2 reasons: a lack of high quality breast cancer care accessible to everyone, and a lack of treatments for the most aggressive and deadly forms of the disease. ”

Fund II Foundation gave Komen a grant of $27 million for a program initially targeting 10 metropolitan areas significantly to reduce what they called the appealing difference in death rates between African American and white women. African American women are nearly 40 percent more likely to die of breast cancer than white women, in some cities, that gap is as high as 74%. The initial  targeted cities are Memphis, Tenn, St. Louis, MO, Dallas, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Va, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

As the largest nonprofit founder of breast cancer research (investing more than $920 million since inception), Komen has funded nearly $160 million in metastatic disease research since its founding. Komen has funded another $110 million in research on aggressive forms of breast cancer-such as triple negative, in cancer and hormone positive forms of breast cancer that are resistant to standard treatment.