Circle Of Hope, What Is It?

 Circle of Hope Logo

What is Circle of Hope? Circle of Hope is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit that helps breast cancer patients in many ways. All decisions are determined by a Board of Directors. This includes the coordinator and the Board of Directors.They are all volunteers!  The organization is blessed to have more than 125 volunteers for all of its events throughout the year. (This is probably an under-estimate.) They give their time, energy, and gas for the cause.

The organization has a board consultant, Dr. Kim Storm that is a volunteer. Circle of Hope has a volunteer attorney consultant who has helped from the get go.

The organization puts “the breast cancer patients needs first.” Helping breast cancer patients that need short term financial emergency help. This  is their main mission. These patients are  referred to by  oncologists and local medical providers.

The organization has other missions and engagement activities or projects. They totally impact the local community and the regions they serve.

Circle of Hope volunteers don’t live in expensive houses, and they do receive a salary. There is a policy that they cannot receive more than $50.00 (value) in compensation per year that could be a a shirt for example or something left over. The Volunteers, Board Members, Supporters and Others involved want to make a difference in the lives of others in severe need.

All board members have been affected by breast cancer in someway. A family member may have had breast cancer, a friend or family member may of died of breast cancer, or they may have had breast cancer. Some are fighting their own medical battles but they still give their time, passion and energy to the cause.

By the end of 2016 the organization will have paid forward over $200,000.000 for their patient programs and research. It will be through the hard work, efforts of many volunteers, fundraisers, organizations,  and grants. They started giving out grants April 19, 2011. They have helped MANY local hospital cancer patients from referrals. Cancer Centers and even oncologists have referred patients to them.

The organization values the businesses, the donors, the fundraisers the volunteers that make this happen. It does take a village. It is not one person, or one organization. It is the good works of many WHO CARE ABOUT OTHERS IN THIS WORLD. It is not about “I” or “Me.” It is about helping others. It is about making a real difference. 

Feel free to write our e-mail: Our website is: Also send us anything we should know about in social media. There some untruths out there.  In fact vicious untruths.

Circle of Hope belongs to the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits, BBB, The Duluth Chamber of Commerce, Charities Review Council and More. All of their financial, By Laws and Policies have been audited since the inception. Most of the money goes back to help the  patient. Check out their Annual Report on their website.

They have also given out $13,200 to Stage IV Breast cancer research to the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School so far from designated money.

The organization helps Stage IV breast cancer patients as well.

They provide education, survivorship activities, engagement actives, do health fairs, and speaking events. They help others by community projects. They are very involved with sporting activities for survivors and their supporters. This has involved a jumping team near the cities, bowling teams, golf, dragon boat teams, and more.

They have helped Salvation Army for many years, The Big Red Book Shelf, a children’s art booth at the Art Fair in Bayfront, Lincoln Park Hope Center. The list goes.

They have paid forward $197,751.08 to date to help breast cancer patients.

The funds they have are the lowest they have ever been. It is in designated accounts.