Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes

As many of us know Diabetes is almost an epidemic in this country. A good part of it is due to diet and obesity. That does not mean that genetics does not play a role in it. In fact, more research should be done on metabolic disorders. What can be done to make sure healthy eating habits make a healthy body? How does one have a well balanced diet to reduce metabolic disorders.

Exercise is a big part of it as well. We need to shift our way of thinking and doing. What about metabolic screening tests?

Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes is sponsored by the American Diabetes Association. The walk is Saturday, March 29, 2014 at our very own Duluth Miller Hill Mall in Duluth, MN. It is sponsored locally by 10/13/WDIO/ABC and KDWZ-102.5 as well as others below.  Check out the website at: or call 1.888.Diabetes, Ext. 6598.

Other local sponsors are St. Lukes, Lions Club International, KTCP-Your County 98.9, Arnsten Ladybugs, the 2013 Top Team and Dona Bergsten-2013 top Fundraiser.

The top fundraising teams in 2013 were Arnsten Ladybugs with $5,613.00, Bristol buddies with $4,271.00 and St. Lukes Diabetes Care with $3,023.

Register. Fundraise. Stop Diabetes.