LakeSide-Lester Park Social Network Site

Are you interested in getting a babysitter, notifying your neighbors that you have a missing dog, that there is a garage sale in your neighborhood, that there is a car break in, or that you have a free kids bike? Know you neighborhood, know your neighbors.

This program is a way to share community events, have crime reports, recommendations, items for sale, neighborhood improvement ideas and more.

You may want to even advertise your children’s lemonade stand.

You may want to report suspicious cars cruising the hood.

I remember long ago when a man in a black coat was exposing himself out here. That was long ago. Keep the kids safe that walk to school.

Report problems, report joys, and report what is making our community great. This is a private site in social networking website for Lakeside-Lester Park. Yes,  you can create it in your neighborhood and earn a $25.00 Amazon gift card.

Peggy Anderson, one of the two community leads.

My husband grew up in this neighborhood. He has lived here all of his life in his childhood home. He use to know all his neighbors. They use to kick the can together and do so pranks too. Things have gotten a lost worst in neighborhoods. Let’s know our neighborhoods, care about our community. Make a difference.