Circle Of Hope Needs A Hard Drive,Help



Circle of Hope is in need of a new computer or hard drive. They have the monitor, the keyboard, the printer, the fax machine, copier. They are using an old General Mills computer and there are no updates on it starting in March 2014. If some business would like to donate some money for us to purchase one, we would give you a tax exempt slip, as we are a 501(c) 3 non-profit.  Everytime we see ads we check it out. It is out of our price range. What do we need? We need: Intel 7, 4 mg, perferrably 8 mg, 1 TB, No AMD. Maybe there is a computer business out there that would donate it. We can no longer have Windows XP. Windows 7 or 8 desired. If you think you can donate a new computer or give $500.00 for the cost contact Peggy, 1.218.464.1626.

I know I have not been able to move a lot of Circle of Hope information to the office computer because it cannot handle it.

We do great work thanks to all the organizations and folks that support us. Susan G. Komen Minnesota, Curves, Karen Geegan, Get ER Done, Lake State, and so many others. We are eternally grateful for that.  All our money is designated monies. Most money is tied up in patients accounts. We have helped over $78,000 worth of breast cancer patients and their bills.

We do a lot of other things as well on a shoe string budget and a total volunteer group and board. I am the coordinator, I work for free because I believe in helping others in their greatest need.

I don’t want to do a fundraiser for a computer, unless I have to………..There are only so many hours in a day.