Two Great Books To Buy This Holiday Season



Warmed by Windchill by Jeffrey L. Tucker is the story of a weak, starving colt left to die frozen in a northern Wisconsin pasture. Rescued by Jeffrey L. Tucker, owner of Raindance Farms and Kathi Davis, owner of a horse training operation co-located at Raindance, their struggle to save the colt that led to over 1.2 million people following his progress on a blog and web cam. The twenty days he lived after his rescue resulting in the launching of a non-profit organization that continues to this day. This book can be purchased at most local book stores. Signed copies can also be ordered from: for $17.95 plus shipping.



The Duluth Grill Cookbook by Robert Lillegard and photography by Rolf Hagsberg can be purchased at the restaurant on 27th Avenue West. The book tells how they changed their direction of the restaurant to urban gardens, gardens on the roof, outdoor gardening at the restaurant, and  buying locally.  It is jam packed full of home made from scratch recipes used in the restaurant.  For example bison pot roast, Jamia’s lasagna, wild rice burgers, roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potato sides, scotch eggs, red flannel hash, great smoothies, tasty salad dressings and much more. This is a one of a kind beautiful cookbook. I’d say even a coffee table cookbook. It sells for $29.95.