Vote Daily For Local Egg Company

Help a local company get recognition. Choose the Duluth egg company on this site and vote for them each day.

We have an exciting opportunity to help out a small local business reach big dreams for this month!  We want to know if you could help out with supporting this local biz win a SUPERBOWL Ad, (The first small business to ever get a Superbowl ad)  We just ask that everyone go to everyday and click vote on the locally laid egg box.   Is there any chance you would want to get behind this with us and send this out to your network of people?  Let’s take this local MN business all the way to the big game!

One local business purchases about 40-50 percent of our eggs from, and we’re excited to help them out. There are probably other businesses out there that purchase from them as well.

Click to make a difference. One click each day. It is something you can do for free and help a local egg company.