Life Extension, Full Of Prostate Articles

This December 2013 issue of Life Extension magazine is jam packed full of articles on the Prostate. It can be purchased at local magazine stores for $4.99.You can always get a membership and get it for FREE. That is my favorite word. I love 4 letter words. I can’t think of many 1-2-3 letter words that I love.

One article is on The Impact of Diet on Reducing PSA Levels, another is on the Raging Debate About Prostate Cancer Prevention. Still there are other articles on How Avodart Slashes Prostate Cancer Risk. How about reading an article on The PSA Screening Controversy or one on Drugs That Suppress Prostate Malignancy?

This magazine has many other articles as well. They are the ultimate source of new health and medical findings around the world. They have a medical and scientific advisory board that is amazing. I have been a member for many, many, many years and you can get supplements that are healthy at affordable prices as a member.

Their website is

The article I want to highlight is called A Natural Arsenal for Prostate Cancer Prevention by Michael Downey. The article talks about the the ASCO convention in 2013 and the test results of eating well.  ASCO found in a study that pomegranate seed, green broccoli, green tea and turmeric (a source of curcumin) are protective in prostate cancer progression. A healthy diet s so important to maintaining hormone balance.

There is no excuse for not having your screenings. Men, have you had your PSA test?

You maybe wondering what research has been done on prostate cancer prevention. Without going into all the details here or the nutrients you should have in your diet, just read the article. Healthy eating does pay off. Keeping your body in balance is really important. Imbalances cause diseases.

These are protective against prostate cancer.

1 .Flaxseed-You could sprinkle this on your cereal or whatever you choose.

2. Boron

3. Cruciferous Vegetables-“Let’s have a veg out party!”

4. Vitamin D-Northerners are deficient in this and often D3. Don’t be a lone ranger.

5. Soy Isoflavones

6. Green Tea Extract-Anyone for a tea party?

7. Omega-3 Fatty Acids-Are you having salmon for din din?

8. Curcumin

9. Coenzyme Q10-I have to order this, I am out.

10. Gamma-Tocopherol Vitamin E-You may want to discuss this with your doc.

11. Lycopene-My husband has a diet rich in this, I wonder what happened to him?

12. Selenium

13. Zinc

14. Milk Thistle-What’s This?

15. Gamma-Linolenic Acid or GLA

16.  Zeaxanthin

17. Pomegranate

18. Resveratrol-This is like grapes. My husband is “a grapeaholic,” wonder what happened to him.

19. Supplement Lignans

20. Vitamin K

21. Beta Sitosterol

22. Apigenin

24. Ginger

25.  Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6)

26. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)

27. Quercetin

28. Reishi

29. 5-Loxin

30. Watercress Extract

31. Grapeseed

32. Glycyrrhizin

33 .Modified Citrus Pectin

34. Four Nutrient Supplement-Pomegranate, Broccoli, Green Tea, Tumeric


Be sure to talk to your doctor because some medications do not mix well with certain drugs and supplements. Read the article first!

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