Lutfisk Lovers Hot Line


Giggly white jello? No it is lutefisk. I love lutefisk and so do others.

Where are the lutefisk dinners in this region?

The Lutefisk Gang wants to know. They love the fish and are looking for “the din dins” in this region.


November 2, 2013-Our Saviors church at 12th and Doddridge Avenue, Cloquet is $15.00 a person. There is child pricing. Lutefisk or salmon and meatball dinner. The time is 3:00-6:00 p.m. This is  a handicapped accessible bldg.(Well I can’t go to this one because the Swor Gang and Friends will be at The All American Club for a steak dinner and auction. That should be fun.)

November 7, 2011-Lutekfisk or Meatball dinner at Concordia Lutheran at 1708 John Avenue in Superior.  Tickets must be purchased ahead of time. $15.00 for lutefisk dinner and $9.00 for the meat ball dinner. Call the office and mail a check to reserve a spot. (The Lutefisk Gang will be going to this one.)


First Lutheran in Duluth has their lutefisk dinner the first Wednesday in December. That is December 4, 2013. They serve from 12 noon to 7 p.m. the cost is $15.00 for adults. There are other entrees for those who don’t like lutefisk. You can pay at the door. ( I wouldn’t miss this one for the world. Last year I was in San Antonio for the big breast cancer conference, so I couldn’t go. I missed this great meal! We go every year to this…and then I start singing, “Oh, Lutefisk, Oh, Lutefisk.” Our Ely friends usually go with us but they moved up north permanently, so who knows if they will be here for the fixings.)

Want a little lutekfisk Education? Check out what is below. Oh, one year I made lutefisk on TV with Julie Kellner.

Lutefisk Memories.  Our aunt Gladys loved lutefisk and I would make it and she and I would have a feast. My family does not like it. As a kid, my dad would fry it in butter for breakfast. He and I loved it. The butter was not good for the arteries.