Fungus Among Us

I am interested in feet and how they change over the years. I saw a video on how some folks have a special kind of laser procedure to their toes “to get rid of the fungus among us.” It costs about $1200.00 and is not covered by insurance. That is because it is not FDA approved, even those feet docs have started to use it. Young gals want to have their toenails painted and want to wear open toed shoes.

You Tube has some great health and feet  videos. I even found one on using Vick’s Vapor Rub on your toes. A diabetes vendor told me about this one. I plan on trying this one. A Vicks toe should chase everyone out of the bedroom, right?

People get bad toe nails for a variety of reasons.

There were many other tried and true treatments that work on fungus. In talking to others, as we get older we can start having toe nail problems for many years. Removing the nail doesn’t help. It grows back.

If you just google causes and toe conditions, you come up with foundations and research. There is a lot of interesting information out there online.

I know two shoe stores in Duluth that just cater to diabetes type problems, as well as other feet condition. Amazing.

Neuropathy can be caused from diabetes but it can be caused from hereditary conditions. Who would of thought!

About twenty six million Americans have diabetes and 25% develop poor circulation and neuropathy. Neuropathy can cause bunions, hammer toes and Charcot feet. Yes, google Charcot feet. I had never heard of that before.

Diabetes can lead to peripheral vascular disease reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients in your feet. Poor circulation causes your feet to dry out and even swell. If you are diabetic, your feet are important. Care for your feet or you will be like the headless horseman, foot less horseman or horsewoman. See a doctor soon.

Medicare does cover therapeutic shoes, one per calendar year. Coverage is limited to inserts.