Sometimes In Duluth, We Don’t Hear About All The Good Works Elsewhere

For example, there is an organization in MN called Rural Renewable Energy Alliance.Those folks who cannot afford to pay their fuel oil bills can be having solar panels put on their houses. What a great idea! This was one of the award winners at the  Non-Profit conference I attended recently at the DECC. If we all had solar panels we would save money.

Then in the cities they have a  program called Open Arms. They had a booth at a conference I was at recently. This organization nourishes the body, mind, and soul. It started in 1986 as a single act of kindness. Friends helping those who were ill with food. They cooked 80 meals per week and delivered them to people with HIV/AIDS, MS, Cancer and ALS. Today this program has really grown.

They make all kinds of cultural meals. This organization has community urban gardens. They have 1,900 volunteers. Check out this website: see a world of abundance in Mpls. where people who are sick won’t go hungry. We need a program like this for our sick in northern MN or greater MN.

Another award winner was the Farmer’s Legal Action Group where immigrant farmers were protected and proud of their work. When the economy got bad, they could depend on gardening to make a living. Some of these same farmers supply the food at the Farmers Markets in the cities. They provide a real service in MN.

Another award winner was the Elmer and Eleanor Andersen Foundation. They are reducing the stereotypes against Muslin people in our state.

Well, we all need to take charge of our health. There is a Healthy Lifestyle Tool that can lead us in this direction.  Check out thieir website: It is important to create a healthy life style taking into mind, life’s purpose, building relationships, doing enough physical activity and fitness, watching our diet and nutrition, using good self care and prevention, reducing stress or mastering it, watching our emotions, and for sure taking care of our environment. We need to navigate the health care system and explore healing practices.

Have you taken steps to better health?