We All Look At Things Through Different Lens

Some days we only want to see things through rose colored lens.

Other days we have crystal clear lens and the stark realization is there. It may be a bleak outlook.You see the person with his hand out and one wonders what he wants the money for. Did he go to our local soup kitchen or food shelf or is it for drugs? You wonder if you have given enough?

Did you know that there are 13,000 people homeless in Minnesota every night? I think that this is very scary. Everything is more expensive than ever. Some folks are drown ding in a stream of water that keeps running. They keep drown ding over and over.

These folks do not have enough food, a place to sleep, and even may be sleeping on the floor. There was one patient helped to get a bed or at least directed her to where she could get it. She has since passed away from a serious infection. I think about her. She had many years left in her life.

We have people worried about themselves and their riches in this country. Yet, others are hemorrhaging all over with pain from a broken system that has not helped them. They cannot get a job even though they have tried and tries.

Circle of Hope tries to triage people in crisis that are going through current breast cancer treatments. Some have had to stop working. Still there are others that are not longer employable due to the damage created by the treatment. Yes, chemo can damage your just like radiation. If you need it, you need it. If you don’t need it, you don’t need it. There are women and men who have the most radical of treatments that destroy many cells. They are fine for awhile. Later and maybe years later they get cancer back.  It may be somewhere else. It may be another type of cancer.

We choose the most toxic treatments to save lives and even when it is not necessary to be so radical. Some folks chose to not do radical treatments, and they are still alive. You may say, “It is like Chess.” Well, what can I say?

Some folks are stuck in the” Me,” why should I help? It is fiscally responsible thing to do to help others and it is the humane help we should give as human beings.

Have you helped your brother or sister, your neighbor, the person who is starving somewhere else in the world? Have you given shoes to someone who has to go barefoot or wears flip flops? I think of students who had to go an live in shelters, in the car, or stay up all night. I use to work with at risk students.

When all is  said and done, have you been an advocate for a great cause? Have you completed a mission that you can feel good about in this life? Have you helped a broken system help  its people? When you stand before someone else in a later life, have you truly made a difference?

I say lets stop triaging people in crisis. Let’s have some plans that REALLY WORK.