Denial Management Services, LLC

There is a business in Superior called Denial Management Services, LLC, Advocacy for Your Medical Bills

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Our Experience:

I don’t know the number of times breast cancer patients tell me, they have been turned into collection. I am sure this happens with all cancers and all other ailments that are really serious. The patient stops working because they are sick. They finally get better or so they can go back to work. In the mean time they are so far behind, they cannot catch up. The disaster happens. The bill collectors are at your doorsteps and calling you weekly. Circle of Hope helps breast cancer patients for free but there are some difficult cases they can’t even help with!

One out of town breast cancer patient recently told me that she had been turned into collection, was told to file bankruptcy, and was requested to be $489.00 per month. She is back working only 15 hours per week. Who does she not feed? Her child? Some medical providers do not use Cardon Services and other national financial help agencies for patients who get behind. When the bills get old, funding is not available. Some medical providers let patients apply for their community car programs but do not consider that last years income was when they were well! This year’s income is different and they are sick. Their income is different.

One reason we started our organization, Circle of Hope, after a friend was called weekly about her bills. She was dying of breast cancer. She had $5,000.00 deductible insurance and got behind really fast. It broker our heart to see her in so much anguish.