End Of Summer Fun

Try 2 hours or more of sailing on Amicus Adventure Sailing out of Knife River. It is a lot of fun. www.AmicusAdventuresSailing.com or call Amicus Adventure Sailing is located out of Knife River. They have two hour cruises for $40.00 a person or a private party for $200.00. There are specialty and customized cruises as well.

Go to Art in the Alley Gallery see some great boutique gifts, the gallery, fun and artsy gifts. www.artinthealley.com  Art in the Alley has two Duluth locations: 230 East Superior Street and 208 East Superior Street, Duluth. The second one is home items. The first is items women love to buy. You can get free earrings if you spent $25.00. Don’t you just love incentives? I do.

If you want to make a donation to Circle of Hope, mail to: Circle of Hope, 314 W. Superior Street, #610, Duluth, MN 55802. If you have questions on how your donation can make a difference, call 1.218.464.1626; they have various funds. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients. This organization has paid out more than $50,000 to financially help breast cancer patients. They also have to thank the MN Affilate, Susan G. Komen, who helped to fund their mission and many other businessses, donors, and funders.  http://www.circleofhopeduluth.org

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