The Weekend Of Cleaning

Lost picture that is now found.





It says something when you cannot find a certain recipe or picture in your home.

I spent the weekend cleaning, sorting, and doing what I could do with a broken ankle. This has been 3 months and it has not healed very well. Next week is my 4th x-ray. Do I want the bone scraped? No.

I was looking for veggie wraps that I use to make. I cleaned out all my cook books. Cookbooks are” my choice reading material.” I made more room in my kitchen cupboards, got rid of some cookbooks that I haven’t even read, as I cleaned like a lunatic.

I pulled pictures out of albums. My kids don’t want all those albums. I am sticking those pictures  in shoe boxes.  I came across a great, great grandmother or is it one more great? She lived in Stiles, Wisconsin with her husband. I lost that picture long ago in my house.  In one picture she is with her grand daughter.

The recipe I want to make today is called Healthy Glass Noodle Wraps. I use to make them awhile ago. I loved them! There are many variations such as Collard Wraps, Thia Lettuce Wraps, and the list goes on.

I have started a new cookbook of my recipes…healthy ones. I may have to go back on Pinterest. As we get older we need to eat healthy; out bodies demand it as we start having problems with our blood levels.

Recently my husband had some tests at the hospitals. You think of hospitals as places for sick people to get healthy. Well, my son, who is vegan and I went to the Garden Cafe. Where was the vegan or vegetarian food? It was not available. Even those from the heart department go there to eat unhealthy. They need healthy choices in the hospital cafe.

We all have a salad of needs...we need healthy food…healthy emotions..and an emotional affair with healthy people.

Hope brings courage and strength. We need a positive fabric in our environment.

Every person has a different journey. Everyone has to find their own healthy ways.

Have a healthy day in America everyone.