Invisible Children, Steve O’Neill, Chum, Life House, The Georgia Peach

The Many Faces of Poverty by Peggy Anderson,

I posted this on FACEBOOK in 2010 but wrote it long ago after taking a class  through Duluth Public Schools on Poverty and Homelessness.  The class was taught by Steve O-Neill, Kim Crawford and Another Gal Who Had The Same Name as a Former Student I Had.

I was truly impacted by what Kim and Steve had to say. We walked to many poverty facilities in Duluth, getting to know each one. What stuck in my mind was the fact that when Steve lived in D.C.  He and others did dumpster diving, gathered food thrown away by restaurants and made a meal and feed it to dignitaries. They were told afterwards.  Steve and Kim instilled in my husband and I a mission to help those struggling by this workshop. That is just the beginning. They lit a fire in our minds.

Later we helped the Georgia Peach, a homeless girl from Georgia.

What were high school teachers suppose to do on a snow day? Help students?

We realized how moving and having no money really was a problem. We found her a place through Life House.

Invisible People

Invisible children
Invisible moms
Invisible families
forming the Many Faces of Poverty

No place to go
No place to stay
Riding the bus all night long
Walking the streets all day
Living in the the numerous cars
Couch surfing every night.

No place to go
No place to stay
No place to keep warm
No place to go to the bathroom
Or call your own
Just yellow snow for a block

No place to go
No meal to call your own
Worrying about the next
Stomaches grawing
With no place to go
No supper to be found
Trying to survive

Invisible children
Invisible moms
Invisible families
Without signs
Thse are the Many Faces of Poverty

Vacant stares
Trudging bags of
food up the Duluth hills
Lacking the warmth of
hats, mittens, coats, jackets
Freezing in Duluth

Freezing in America
Sleeping on a matress on the floor, at Chum
or another shelter or car
Waiting for the next meal at
Damino, Chum, Life House, or
The Union Gospel Mission

Invisible children
Invisible moms
Invisible families
Feeling numb and tattered
The cities unspoken

Unspoken words,
Unspoken lives,
Unspoken isolation
Unspoken children, mothers, and families

Tears of children’s lost toys
Tears of losing a job
Tears of losing a house from foreclosure
Tears of no warmth to the heart and soul
Living lives of sadness
The unseen fooprints of Duluth

Invisible children
Invisible mothers
Invisible families
The unseen memories
forming the Many Faces of Poverty in Duluth.

-Kim Crawford and Steve O’Neill saw these invisible people every day. They knew the paths they walked and the talk they talked. 

I think about poor people trudging up the hill with their small box of groceries and

never forget there are MANY needs out there. I think about the Chum Drop in Center

people sleeping on mats on the floor. Dirty smelly boots in between. The Chum Drop

In Center has needs. Pamphlets, magazines for their lounge area, beds, etc.

Steve O’Neill will be missed in many ways. I am just telling you a few stories. His impact will last forever.