Can Vitamin D Prevent Cancer

We know that that Vitamin D is lower in the northern states like MN. It is a known fact that cancer rates are higher. Life Extension has  a great article by Logan Brownwell this month on the topic.

This is the month of getting Vitamin from the sun, our diet and adequate supplements if we are deficient.

Did you know that vitamin D once ingested or produced in the skin, the liver and kidneys converts to vitamin D3? Our body is full of these receptors. The question is: Do we have enough Vitamin D? Is it a vitamin or a hormone like vitamin?

Why do we need vitamin D? We need it for our brain cells, fat tissues, and heart muscles. It regulates genes that control cell growth, the immune function and even our metabolism.

There have been a lot of studies on this essential hormone. Low levels are associated with cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular and even neurological diseases.

A typical level is 50 ng/ML. I was very deficient at one time, then I started taking high doses, which can be dangerous too. I got my level to the correct amount.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they started to test people for vitamin D3? It is different than D2. Remediation maybe could prevent cancer or other diseases.

There are studies that show the effect of low vitamin D on multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, autoimmune: rheumatoid arthritis, cancers (bladder, breast, thyroid, Cardiovascular diseases (i.e. heart attacks), cognitive decline (i.e Alzheimer’s), respiratory infections, diabetes, the risk of high blood glucose to diabetes, and stroke.

It stated in this one chart that breast cancer risk was 150% with low vitamin D levels. I’d say that is pretty high.

Some clinics just test for vitamin D2 and not vitamin D3. It use to be that D3 has to be sent to the Mayo Clinic.