Department Of Defense Funding At Risk


Today in the paper is an article about  furloughs that begin with Defense Department civilians. My concern is could it end breast cancer research in this country. There is strength in numbers. Calls and letters do matter.  I am a member of NBCC, and we want answers by on how to end breast cancer by 2020.

With all these Congressional cuts, we don’t know how it will play out. Have you had a loved one or friend  died of breast cancer? Help save the DOD program. Call members of congress at To locate the members on line go to these sites:

What’s great about the DOD program is that it has funded 29 million dollars to the State of MN. This research monies have gone to the Mayo Clinic and the University of MN primarily. The achievements are many.  The DOD is a model medical research program because is is highly efficient, transparent, and has produced results.

Advocates have a seat at the table to allocate research funding and designing studies.

Write  you senators and house of representative members today. Help to end breast cancer.