American Lung, Secondhand Smoke

We see American Lung out in the community a lot at health fairs. They are trying to get the message out there. There are more than 4,000 chemicals released in the air when you smoke. Second hand some has some 11 known cancer causing poisons and 250 toxins including Arsenic, Cadmium, Formaldehyde, Lead, and Benzene.

Arsenic is used in pesticides. Would you drink pesticides if they were in  your apple juice? Would you smoke cigarettes with pesticides in them?

Cadmium is used in making batteries. What comes to my mind is battery acid.Cancer loves acidity.

Formaldehyde is what they embalm dead bodies with. Yuck…do you want to smoke it?

Lead was once used in Lead paint. It can affect your thinking in large amounts.

Benzene is found in gasoline. I know I don’t even like to fill my own gas tank.


Exposure to second hand some causes 3,000 nonsmokers to get lunchcancer and 46,000 deaths from heart disease.

One day I was at the clinic, parking in the parking lot, a child was coughing as both of her parents were smoking in the lot. All I could think of was asthma.

Second handsome causes Sudden Infant Death syndromes-430 cases per year, low birth weights in children, and childhood middle ear infections. I know that dogs who have cancer should not be around smokers.

Find a way to quite, save a life, and maybe even your own.