Do You Need Your Breasts Removed For DCIS

Is it breast cancer or is it not breast cancer? Is it early detection of something that may never develop into breast cancer?
There is a test called Oncotype DX for DCIS. It is a diagnostic  test a doctor can order to help a women understand her person risk of recurrence from DCIS. Should you have your breasts removed, have a lumpectomy or do abolutely nothing?
There is a detailed flyer put out by Breast Cancer Action and one put out by Susan G. Komen on this topic.
If you call ABCD After Breast Cancer Diagnosis at 1.800.977.4121 they can help you sort this out. You can also call Peggy at Circle of Hope, 1.218.464.1626 to get a copy of brochures on this topic.
There is 5 types of DCIS. or call 1.877.465.6636.
Did you know they are going to change some of prostate cancer categories to non-cancerous in the future? Some will not develop into prostate cancer.  We have gone so far in this country to detect everything and label everything. Many men have very slow growing prostate cancer that they will never, ever die of in their life time.  Is it really cancer?The same goes for DCIS or Ductual Carcinoma in situ in women. Some of it will not turn into breast cancer.
You maybe having your breasts cut off for no reason. To de-breast or to keep the breast is the question.
Breast Cancer Action: Find their Ductual Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) pdf form and download.  It came from my e-mail from them.
They have a website.