Processed Food, Food Additives, Etc.,

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Are you wondering what these bad boys are?  90% of our household budget is spent on 300 processed foods. No wonder we have allergies, health problems, cancer, heart attacks, gain weight, etc.

Asparthame-found in diet or sugar free foods, neurotoxin, carcinogen

High Fructose Corn Syrup-found in so many foods, so full of calories

MSG-found in canned foods (not all, chips, snacks, frozen foods, some Asian foods, a neurotoxin

Trans Fat-margarine, chips, baked goods, fast foods, increases LDL, lowers HDL

Common Food dyes-blue, red, yellow, yellow tartrzaine, found in drinks and cheese, thought to cause ADHD

Sulfite or sodium sulphite-found in cheese, wine, 1 in 100 people are sensitive to this; some get rashes.

Sodium Nitrite or Nitrate-found in hot dogs, bacon, ham, lunch meat, smoked fish, processed foods, a carcinogen

BHA and BHT-found in potato chips, gum, lard, shortening, jello, affects the neurological center of the brain, causes cancer, alters behavior

Sulphur dioxide-found in beer, soda, juice, wine, dried fruit, vinegar, sulphur additives  toxic, causes asthma, bronchial and respiratory problems, destroys Vitamin E and B1; children should never eat

Potassium bromate-found in bread and rolls, know to cause cancer in animals

Eat fresh, skip a lot of processed foods, eat natural foods, skip the junk food…