Memory Foods

What are memory foods that will help you?

According to The Best Things You Can Eat, a book by Dave Grotto, they are the following:

blueberries-We have long known the value of blueberries. Go and pick them this summer. Freeze them on cookie trays and then bag them.

coffee-We are sure hearing a lot more about the value of coffee. I would think too much coffee would not be good due to the acid.

eggs-Remember when they said that we should not eat eggs due to the cholesterol, well know they say eggs are good for your brain. I know I love eggs. I have to watch my cholesterol though.

grape juice or wine-I wonder if it is the berries that are so healthy for people. I would think low sulfate wine would be important. Wine Thyme in Superior sells homemade wine that is low sulfate. If you don’t like wine, you will love theirs.

olive oil-I wonder if the extra virgin or low fat would be better. Some folks feel our body does not digest the olive oil that well. I know most books say it is really healthy. I use it all the time. I know my daughters former mother in law from Greece swore by it to protect your heart and maybe even your brain power. Just saying the word Greece makes me anxious for Greek food at Marshall School in the summer. That one time festival is the BEST.

soybeans-My son sure eats more than his fair share of soybeans. He is a vegan and I am amazed at his diet. Soy is in a lot of food. I am sure that concentrated forms are more valuable.

turmeric-This is a spice that I see listed a lot as really good and healthy for everyone.I have to admit I don’t cook with it. I should try.