Smoking Increases Strokes And Death

Today I actually saw a bum empty out all the cigarettes onto the side walk from the cigarette holder. He actually dumped it all on the sidewalk.  If you are addicted you will do whatever you can to fix your addiction. Green jacket with a hood; that was him.

In a study of those who smoked 14 cigarettes daily they had twice the risk of sudden death according to a study in Circulation. We are not evening talking about the risk of lung or mouth cancer.

I had an uncle, great uncle who had throat cancer. He had his own band, was in the bars and around smoking way too much. Throat cancer was what killed him.

If you kick the habit your death risk drops to 15-20 years. Do you want to live or die?

There are two people in their 30’s who have had a stroke, both smokers. Scary or what.

Yet I know my relatives who smoked, had heart attack, cancer, and all the rest until they checked. They couldn’t stop no matter what happened to them.

I would not want that addiction. The worst I ever did was at sixteen when we  played spin the bottle to smoking in the woods with friends.  Since I coughed a lot, I didn’t try it more than a couple of times.