Genes Related To Familial And Breast Cancer/Mayo Clinic



This picture if from the Mayo Clinic and known predisposition genes account for 45% of all familial breast cancer. The other 55% cannot be explained. The pie chart shows the proportion of cases accounted for by genes known to have mutations. Some folks call those SNP’s.

I think the Mayo Clinic  is a great place to have your genetic testing done.  You first need to know you family history and chart it. One should know the diseases everyone have or died from including the conditions they lived with in their lifetime. The Mayo Clinic  has seen it all.

—-Further Analysis

There are the two BRCA genes-1 and 2-These account 5-10% of the breast cancers, and there is a pattern in a family.

TP53-that is part of a rare inherited syndrome called Li Fraumeni Syndrome that makes us 1% of the cases.

PTEN-this is mutations in cancer that could be labeled endrometrial, prostate or even glioblastoma. There is even the noncancerous version called Cowden Syndrome.

ATM is NOT the ATM machine but it can be found in the breast, thyroid, uterus. It also can be under the name ataxia-telangiectask found in breast, stomach, bladder, pancreas, lungs or ovaries. Pancreatic cancer is sure on the rise in this country.

Chek 2 Gene-this is associated with breast cancer and increases ones life time risk.

—-I wonder where Lynch Syndrome fits in here. That is common in families with colon cancer and endrometrial cancer, etc.. They can have breast cancer and other cancers as well. Colon and endrometrial are the most common types.