Major Earthquakes In The 1900’s

It is scary thinking about earthquakes. There has been a number in the 2000’s.

In 1900, we had the following:

June 1990-Northwest Iran, more than 50,000 dead

July 1990-Philippines, 1,600 killed

Feb. 1991-India, Pakistan, Afghanistan-1,700 dead

Sept. 1993-Indian-7,600 dead

June 1994-Colombia-1,000 killed

May 1995-Russia-about 2,000 killed

Jan. 1995-Kobe, Janapan-6, 425 killed

May 1997-Iran-about 2,000 killed

Feb.1998-Afghanistan-about 4,000 killed

Jan. 1999-Colombia-about1,000 killed

August. 1999-Turkey, more than 3,800 were feared killed

Source: New Reports

Are natural disasters increasing or are they getting closer to home? One wonders.