Pancreatic Cancer On The Rise

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According to the Institute of Cancer Research by the year 2020, pancreatic cancer will moved from the fourth leading cause of cancer to the second leading cause of cancer. It will double by 2030. Pancreatic cancer deaths will exceed breast and colon cancer by 2030. Pancreatic cancer is the only cancer in the top five cancers in which both incident and death rates are expected to rise. “Obesity Causes 1 in 5 cases of pancreatic cancers.”

Right now the leading causes of cancer deaths are lung, colon, breast, pancreatic and prostate.

There is a link between fat and pancreatic cancer. Excessive body weight does increases the risk for cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Abdominal fat is risky. We all know that there are people who are skinny that die of pancreatic cancer.There are genetic cancers that link it as well.