Your Jewish Genes


There is an organization in the United States called SharSheret, Your Jewish Community Facing Breast Cancer. The website is:

Not all Jewish women have the breast cancer gene. In fact, 1 in 4o have altered BRCA 1 or BRACA genes compared to 1 in 345 in the general population. There are three genes that are common in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Breast and ovarian cancer is higher among these women. These women may want to consider genetic counseling.

Both men and women can carry these genes and they can pass on to their children by either spouse.

There are small risks associated with melanoma, pancreatic, prostate and perhaps colon cancer in these populations. That is why it is important to talk to a genetic counselor.

If you would like a booklet on this topic, Circle of Hope located out of Duluth, MN has booklets they can send if you live in northern Minnesota or northern Wisconsin.