Hormones And The Breast



My paper for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium was on BPA and DES. We have heard a lot on BAP which is also called Bisphenol A. It  regulates the EZH2 expression in the mammary glands of mice (EZH2 regulated the transcription of estrogen responsive genes. This is an enzyme in humans that is encoded with this gene. It plays a role in suppressor genes which causes certain cancers.)

Mice fetsus cannot get rid of the Bisphenol A or even the DES (Diethylstilbestrol) in the unborn fetuses. The problem is that the terminal end buds in the breasts increase in the fetsus of mice making them more prone to breast cancer from this prenatal exposure. It also affects progesterone, organoids and RANKL. This study was from Dr. Cathrin Brisken in Switzerland. There is a variety of research in our country as well.

A pregnant mother would be wise to not exposure herself to BPA. I would say eat fresh, avoid canned food, use glass or stainless steel containers, do not microwave food in plastic, use a French Press, drink brewed coffee, avoid plastic baby bottles,  avoid epoxy resins, questionable plastics, and even  credit card receipts.

What is this DES? Well, it was given to pregnant women to prevent spontaneous abortions, miscarriages and premature labor years ago. We are seeing women with a rare gynecological cancer called clear cell carcinoma. They stopped prescribing the drug in 1971 but there are patients popping up all over.

We as adults have BPA in our bodies and are exposed to it every day. It is the 3rd chemical used worldwide. In 2006 3.8 tons were used in the U.S. It increases every year.