Netherlands On News Years Day

Local Boys in Netherlands enjoy shooting off footballs as they call them on New Years. This is their custom of using old milk cans, carbides as the explosives and they do this all day long. These pictures (the the credits on them) came by way of Margreet Jonker, also a breast cancer advocate who was at the conference with me in San Antonio, Texas for a week.

The conference was well attended with over 7,500 people from all over the world. I never saw so many black suites and lap tops and dedicated individuals to the cause. Most were scientists, researchers, breast cancer physicians  oncologists, and some advocates. For our week long scholarship we needed to write a paper that will be condenses on an AVON CD that comes out each year.

Margreet is an immunologist by profession and works in the field of autoimmune diseases and organ transplants. She also is a BC survivor and we were in the same group of advocates for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Our brains are still spinning with all the information.