Buffet Today, Pak’s Green Corner


If you have never been to Pak’s Green Corner Cafe, a world cafe, it is located at 4131 Grand Avenue in Duluth and the phone number is 4131 Grand Avenue. They have a Facebook page to see some of the great food.

The buffet today is the following: Thai Fried Rice (V), Phad Thai with Chicken, Sweet & Sour with Friend Egg, Mock Duck Delicious Garlic (V), Mixed Vegetable with Tofu (V), Chicken Salad, Sesame Chicken (sample of this only), Cream Cheese Won ton (V), Curry Chicken Wing, Chicken Wing, Mini Curry Puff (This one is served as a sample), Sweet Rice Coconut Cream with Red Bean, Coco Flan, Tapioca Cantaloupe. I think it is $8.90 but don’t quote me on this. I think it is 11:30-3:00 and then later in the day till 8:00 p.m. Don’t quote me on this. They have great food.