The Fastest Growing Church In Lakeside/Lester Park


The Anchor Point Church in Duluth is one of the most growing churches out east.

This church has three services, with another pastor from the Encounter  being added in January.

The typical services times are as follows. The Saturday service is at 6 p.m.; Sunday the two services are at 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.

There is lots of music (guitar,  singing, etc) that inspires folks from at the beginning and at the end.

You get faith, hope and inspiration from this church.

What I like about it is that you understand the message and you remember the Biblical passages all week.

You leave church with a song in your heart.

I am surprised at the all the young people that come to this church. I have faith that they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

If I doubted youth from another Lutheran church, I know where they are in our community. Some drive from all over to

get to this church. It is interesting that this building has been many churches through the years, a Lutheran Church, the

Vineyard Church before they built a new church, and most recently for several years, The Anchor Point Church.

The picture above  is the times for their Christmas Day service.  Last Christmas Anchor Point raised $13,000.00  and it went to build wells.

There is such a need for clean water in third world countries.

This year the money will go toward feeding the poor in India.

What is great that they have special activities like a Church Choir whereas you can sing Christmas songs between services.

Everyone can participate that signs up. They have a cookie buffet on December 23rd.  There is so much more that

goes on at this church.

They are located at 5202 Colorado Street. Give them a call at 625-6200. Their website is: