San Antonio

For the past week  we were in San Antonio at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. There were rough 7,500 people there. I was there 5 years ago on a scholarship as well. It seems like a memory even though I have been home for less than one day.

This picture is a holiday tree on the River walk.

I think of the horse rides with the lighted carriages, one that looked like a Cinderellas carriage. I saw this carriage several times. They have such creative ways to decorate their carriage, and I was surprised at the variety.

San Antonio has almost doubled in size. It is so hard to keep all the Marriott’s straight because there are so many of them. I told a cab driver they need to number them. There are actually 13 around there.  We made a concerned effort to walk 5 miles per day because the sponsoring organization gave me a scholarship. A company had a fundraiser for them. For every mile walked they donated $10.00. We brought in $300.00 in donations and thus improved our health. It did seem like we ate a lot. I can’t wait to get on the scale! (Not)

Attendees were dressed up for the most part. Lots of black suits, lots of high heels, Ugh boots, tall boots, Tex Mex food, nice people, and  lots of dedicated people to the cause. I didn’t get my cow girl hat or cow girl boots. Oh, well, there is always the Internet. I was impressed with the the paper thin I Pads and much more. The technology was unbelievable.

As an advocate we make up a small number compared to the doctors and scientists.

The paper I need to write for the Avon CD is on Breast  and the Environment from a presentation by Dr. Carhrin Briken, Phd and she is from Switzerland. It is surprising how far ahead foreign countries are in saving money in health care and in research. What I am writing a paper on is BPA and drawing in other research. I already ran off the 68 pages of slides. I have until mid January to get it done.

My brain is spinning. I ended up sending two boxes home.

We were very impressed with who really is doing all the breast cancer research in this country. The truth be told. It is not who advertises they are raising all this money for breast cancer research. You find out the real facts down here. There are many international conferences all over the world. This is a biggie though.

This is truly a medical conference, all the current research, all the studies, all the updates on the studies, a vendor event. Every big name in the industry was there. It is not a conference for those who don’t like medical studies and have had LEAD training.

San Antonio had very, very few leaves on the ground. The weather was beautiful. It was safe to walk in the downtown area in which we walked.

We managed to walk to the mall and walk near the River walk. That was it. We have been to San Antonio at other times, so it was not a loss for us.

I think what we loved the most was the Hot Topics sessions for advocates and by 15 doctors and researchers, the large company receptions for the advocates, the dedication to the cause and talking to the exhibititors. I actually learned a lot talking to exhibitors and other people I met at the conference.

We had two flights canceled going down, rescheduled our flight two times. We ended up taking the Skyline Shuttle to the cities. We did get a couple of travel vouches to use at another time.Then on the way back we went on standby because we thought we would get caught in a snow storm, which is coming today.

Well we put our holiday tree up before we left, it is half decorated. Doesn’t look like I will get anything done on it today. This is turning out to be a jam packed week.