Flavored Popcorn

My husband and I made flavored popcorn this afternoon. Actually it was called Cinnamon Toast. There are so many kinds you can make. If only people had 100 hours in a day. In my second life I am going to come back as a professional cook. I love recipes and there are many times I do love cooking. I particular like things that I know I shouldn’t eat. In a little bit I am going to start supper. I have fed the pets. What’s next? Yes, the big pet husband. He likes to eat a good supper. I don’t think he would eat Cinnamon Toast Popcorn.  I am going to put my creative cap on my head, look in the freezer first.

This weekend is Festival of Trees. I am really excited about this event. It is a kicker into the holidays. Then right after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. I use to get up at the crack of dawn, if not earlier and go out for the best bargains in town. Then I decided I don’t need to camp out, walk around a whole store in a line just to get a savings. All year long a person can be a super shopper and saver. It is a matter of mind. I am not an extreme coupon gal but I do use coupons. I am proud of the savings I do manage to obtain.

Christmas City of The North Parade is on Friday, Bentleville is open. Festival of Trees is this weekend. What a great weekend it will be.