Free Event For Those Who Need Financial Help

I was reading in the paper today how there is a program called Empower: a Financial Fitness, College Education and Housing Expo at Lake Superior College from 8:30-1:30 on Saturday. Lake Superior College is on 2101 Trinity Road. It sounds like they have some great classes. It is sponsored by Lutheran Social Services  Community Action, UMD,  St. Scholastica, UWS, Lake Superior College, WITC, One Roof Community House and the City of Duluth.

The classes include: budgeting, savings, credit, debt, taxes, estate planning, buying a house, foreclosure  home ownership, tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, financial aid, transferring your credits, choosing colleges, 15 minutes with a financial counselor, flood relief specialists and much more. They are giving free living wills away and power of attorney forms.

All of this and more for FREE.