Drug Interactions/Side Effects

Drugs can cause side effects and have interactions.  I was a the doctor’s office today, and I was reading an article about it.  (I get caught up on all my reading there. I don’t have to read magazines at home. It stated that there are two places to check on drug interactions.)

I was a the pharmacy school today meeting with my students, and we had a discussion about this as well. Certain pills do not work well with certain juices and much more.

I noticed when we at UMD they had an information fair on food etc. The students could get free popcorn and pop.

Check out these websites:



Just type in drug interaction. I can’t remember the rest of it. Maybe you can get to it through the videos. I just love DR. OZ!

Just think that in 4 years prescription drugs will be up 30% more. Are we an ill society making ourselves more ill?

The Three Ares: Are we eating healthy? Are we getting enough exercise? Are we reducing our stress levels?