New Hope For Breast Cancer Patients

I m always excited to get my Life Extensions magazine each month and read about various types of research.  Some is done out of this country. I am equally excited about finding out who is doing what research in breast cancer in our country when I attend an international breast cancer conference in December for a good week.  I have files of research, yes, files and my husband is not one bit happy about it.

Today I read about innovative laser therapy that is giving hope for metastatic breast cancer patients. The research paid by Life Extension is not being done in this country.  It is research that will give hope to those patients with advanced life threatening metastases in breast cancer cancer. The central principle behind this therapy is immunotherapy. It involves no surgery, no chemo, no radiation. It does include a laser beam, a photosensitive  an immune system booster. It’s like all research that needs to go through trials. There is a 80% survival rate for Stage IV Cancer with this procedure. For those of us who have family, friends, and colleagues dying from metastatic breast cancer there is hope.

I am hoping this works because those who do chemo do have an increased rate of heart failure. I suppose the same applies to radiation; the article doesn’t say.

November 12, Life Extension, Research

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