3rd Annual Pink Run, A Poker Run


Southern Douglas County (Wisconsin) October 6, starting  about 5:00 p.m.

 They will start giving poker hands and raffle tickets for the Get ER Done fundraiser at the Cabin Store.

There will be lots of raffles, door prizes, food, fun, a pink clothing contest.

Who can wear the coolest pink outfit? There will be one mans prize and one women’s prizes.

Purchase a solo cup T-shirt for $20.00.  These are one of a kind.

This should be fun.

What are some of the prizes? There is a Packers Blanket, a bushel of bottles and lots of other prizes.

Rules: You drive your ATV, motorcycle, or cycle to six bars, restaurants and resorts.

At the first one down there you pick up your card for $10.00 and map.  You must end at the Cabin Store.

What are some of the places to pick up your card? Moose River, St. Croix Lanes, Poodle Inn,

Buckhorn, Bootleggers, Halway House, Y-Go-By, McNameras, Clearwater Resort, Cabin Store. Oophs, I forgot one.

This is the 3rd Annual Pink Run. Proceeds donated to Circle of Hope for breast cancer patients bills.