Poverty, Flood Relief, And Growing Up Poor

One fourth of Duluthians live in poverty or now over 25%. The poverty rate for mothers is 82%.

In Minnesota the average poverty rate is 11%.  A recent speaker that spoke talked about how this region is doing

better in the job market. People are working in Minnesota. Maybe it is not mothers though.

Education can effect your poverty or annual earnings. For example without a high school diploma your annual

earning are said to be $12,500.00. If you graduate from high school your earning shoot up to an annual earnings

of $24,700. A college education improves your education. For example with a bachelor’s degree is would be

$39,000 and if you go to graduate school and have a degree it shoots up to $50,000.

Only 8% of the students who  grow up in poverty graduate from college. This is been something the schools

have struggled with for years.  Check out this website at: www.teachforamerica.org

There are college bound programs in the high schools for those students whose parents have never attended college.

I think it is still called the Upward Bound Program.


There is flood relief money for those affected by the flood. Call your United Way and ask about the resources

available.  A recent speaker said they have 1.3 million dollars of the needed money. Duluthians can apply for the money.

There are certain steps they need to take before getting the money. I call them stop caps to make sure you have done

all the steps first. Financial burdens will only make it worse.


It will be scary when people try to turn on their heat this fall or their are electrical problems due to flooding.