Proctor Speedway, Thursday, August 30th, Silver 1000

If you have never been to the Proctor Speedway, go tomorrow night, Thursday, August 30th to the Silver 1000. Check out the details on their website at: The Hot Laps are at 6:30 p.m. and the actual Races are at 7:00 p.m.

Tom Porter from Sunrise Cemetery and Funeral Home and his friend Tom Oulette will also be throwing out HOT PINK FRISBEES with Circle of Hope’s website, telephone number and mission on them. Tom has donated these as Circle of Hope Board Member and promote our cause of helping those with breast cancer get the necessary help they need from a 501-c-3 business who can REALLY help them.

We thank Tom for supporting Circle of Hope’s mission,

Sunrise Funeral Home is a one stop-shop funeral home and cemetery. All your needs can be met at one place for a burial and funeral. Yes, you can be buried some where else and have your funeral at Sunrise. If you have never been there stop by for a $1.00 tour. Really it is free and you will be SO IMPRESSED. My husband did the video tape segment for the Kiwanis TV Auction and we were blown away.  I should be a sales woman…

We don’t raise money for salaries at Circle of Hope, we just want to help patients because most all of us are cancer survivors or thrives.