Do You Look Like Your Animal

I remember my daughter years ago having a book on people looking like their dogs. She was so mad when I sold it at a rummage sale by accident.

Did you know that celebrity’s are compare to animals in Family Circle? Tori Spelling to an alpaca, Nicole Kidman to a wolf dog, Leonardo Dicaprio to a parrot. Kiristen Stewart to a Tortoise, Megan Fox to a goat.

What kind of dog do you have? Does it look like you? I can remember seeing folks with their dogs and wondering why the dog looked like them.

I have Cocker Spaniels and maybe they look like me. They are feisty, full of energy, floppy, bouncing. Years ago I had German Shepherd as we had them when we were kids. In my life time I had a Miniature Poodle, a Standard Poodle, and mutt dogs. The miniature was hard to house train. I had that cute little one when I was married the first time. The standard poodle we had when we lived in our first rental house and it ate the molding off the kitchen doorway.

My husband had Springer Spaniels, yes they looked like him.

I don’t think my daughters Corgi’s look like her. She loved Corgis because her friend Clair had many. She would visit her and they would be laying on the banister. Did you know that you cannot buy them in England as the Queen has them? Interestingly enough Clair lives in London.

The other day I was having our Cockers groomed at Amitty Kennels. They had two beautiful brown Miniature Poodles, both boys, who loved to jump on each other.  I loved playing with them. They sure have personalities of their own. Amitty Kennels breeds and sells poodles. This kennel is really great to dogs. they have play time, can watch TV, listen to the radio, have treat time and much more.

Well, it’s a dog gone look alike contest, dogs and people looking alike.