Clean Energy

How can Minnesota Plug Into Clean Energy?

There are several actions you can do at your home to reduce 40% of of the energy. Americans can change their light bulbs to CFL’s to reduce the energy used in their homes by 75%. We all need to save money, so that is a simple one.

Weatherizing your home or business by insulating the attic, replacing old windows, patching or sealing up those cracks will save a lot of money in the winter and cooling the house or business months are other ways.

Upgrading your appliances is important. Make sure you have an energy efficient refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances. The Environment Minnesota Research and Policy Center lists top ten choices.

Generate your own energy from the sun. Consider solar panels, a solar water heater, and other energy saving solutions.

Green your ride by changing your oil regularly, inflating your tires to sve money. Some folks need to buy new tires for their cars, ride the train, ride the bus, or buy a hybrid or electric car to save 93%.

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