If one takes too much calcium you are at risk for increased cardiovascular disease. This was from a study tracked by 24,000 Europeans. There were some flaws in the study but the calcification piece is important to recognize.  It is important to not take calcium by itself.  Magnesium is a natural calcium blocker and it should be taken with calcium. Magnesium deficiency increases your risk of a heart attack as well as calcium supplements without  it.

Did you know that some folks are deficient in magnesium and that causes cardiovascular atherosclerosis? Calcium salts build up and harden in the arteries.

I think about swallowing a calcium pill with a dry throat, all the expense that cost for my stupidity. I had been out with some friends. I now know why my physician was not upset by me stopping calcium pills, and she had other suggestions. She is a doctor that is very up on nutrition.

Did you know that fish oil and magnesium prevent heart attacks?

Some folks take calcium because they have osteopenia or osteoporosis. This is expecilly true for those who eat a low calcium diet.  Dairy in moderation is good for you.  If you are vegan, well that presents a whole new issues.

Vitamin K2 is also important in your diet. When you are deficient in this you can increase your chances of a heart attack.

Have you had your calcium, K2 and magnesium levels checked? Do you take fish oil? There is high quality fish oil.

Calcium leaves your bones when you do not have enough vitamin K2 and goes right to your arteries.

Vitamin K-17 reduces mortality, aortic calcification, and coronary artery disease according to Life Extension.