Rain Causes Lots Of Damage To The Streets And Alleys

The little piggies even had to wear rain coats during this bad storm in Duluth, MN. The damages will takes months if not years to repair. I know on our street there is some major street work to be done. Yesterday I saw Vermilion Road. It is unbelievable, just like the picture. I don’t know how all the city crews will be able to repair all the damage, it is so much. Our streets were in bad shape before but driving down them is like driving them know is so much worse. I am wondering how many cars will get damaged. I know we went and shoveled last night and brought gavel to the end of our drive way that was full of  gouges.

The city fixed our alley in record time. It was undriveable by a standard car unless you had a pick up truck. Don’t you think pick up trucks and monster trucks can make it through any street?