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Circle of Hope in a contest and looking for likes. Go on this website to read our story. Like it and share it through various media on the page. Together you can make a difference in the lives of others.

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Circle of Hope is a nominee for the Classy Award as last year. Last year they had 357 likes. They are hoping to get a lot more likes this year and want to share their story. There are stages in the contest. Last year they made it past the 100 likes. They were in the qualifying category. They did get invited to San Diego event. They have done so much since the contest last year.

There are actually 16 National Classy Award winners  (or rather non-profits) that will be announced live on stage on the red carpet 4th Annual Classy Awards Ceremony. The competition is touching with 3,000 of the country’s most dedicated and inspirating nonprofits gathering for this philanthropic event.

Stay Classy even have a blog newsletter.

Circle of Hope is 501 (c) 3 organization made up of a volunteer board and  groups of volunters. They are very grassroots. They have many volunteers and fundraisers who help them make a difference in the lives of those in financial distress.