Robotics Team Presents And Speaks

The East Robotics Team will speak and present today at Kiwanis. Ever thought about being a member? Call our secretary if you are interested or just want to find out what we are all about in this community.

We have professionals, bankers, lawyers,  media people, worker bees, and much more in our club. We are a fun group. The programs are great that we have each week.

Our club is the one that puts on the Kiwanis TV auction and raises money for youth programs. Of course, we do a lot more. We are the Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth. We are very friendly.

We put on the kids Kite Fly in September for kids at Bay-front.

Tom Porter from Sunrise Cemtery is a new member. You know that Sunrise is more than a cemetery. It is a funeral home, etc.It is pretty amazing what we learned about that cemetery/funeral home this winter.

Sharing your business is also a part of being a Kiwanis Member. We support each other and their businesses.