Spam is not always the kind you can eat. It is unwanted junk mail. We spend quit a bit of time getting rid of all the spam that hits our mailbox. Some spam even offers prizes, promotional products and special deals. They try to lure you into their website with a link. Don’t open the link if you don’t know who it is from.

Spam get e-mail addresses from cookies (not the cookies you eat). Cookies can be secure or not secure on your computer. Some even want you to open your cookies for them. They may even sell your info to others. That is why it is so important to have security and a program that cleans out your spam.

Make sure you have a couple of security programs. Some are free and some create more spam. Paid programs are often better.

You can send e-mail to another folder or e-mail and never open it. That is real security. If you computer allows you, one can block specific e-mail addresses.

Remember anything can be attached to an e-mail even Trojans and viruses.

A variety of passwords are important even though it can drive you CRAZY.

Always list in the subject line what the e-mail is that you are sending…out. It is proper etiquette.

Some folks feel that you should use other e-mail addresses when  you are googling the Internet.