Imagination Is Like The Playground Of The Mind.

We need to use our imagination to be creative. Everyone has an innate sense of wonder in them. Anyone can be creative if they put their mind to it. We all wonder about things, ideas, “what ifs.” St. Ignatius of Loyola used his imagination in Gospel stories.

Well, we should pray each day. We should share our bursts of excitement with God, give him some great conversation. Quick prayers are okay too. Lord teach us all to pray and be considerate of others who are struggling in this world.

Stop and pray for 5 minutes each day. Set up a place in your house to pray. Thank God or whoever you believe in for what you have been given. Pray for those who love you, those you care about, and those who need lots of prayers. Try to walk in their shoes each day. There are so many people to pray for each and every day. Write down in a journal.

Go outside and look at nature. Natures beauty is all around us. Take a stroll in your garden when it is not raining.  Look at the clouds and wonder what you if they are sheep or pigs.  Smell the air after the raindrops. Paint a picture of what it is like up in Heaven. God has given us a beautiful palette to enjoy in our days on eath.  We have to appreciate each and every moment in time. Life can change for any of us at any given moment.

Thank God for the beautiful playground of life he has given us. Pray every day, even if it is just a bit.