Order Book On Hope, Humor And Inspiration

Consider ordering the book, You Gotta Dance Like No One’s Watching You by Lester Smith. He is a two time cancer survivor, two time national ballroom dance champion, and renowned philanthropist. He is giving Circle of Hope $25.00 for every book ordered with their Promo Code (CHD2) on this website:

www.pinkwell.org/   Don’t forget the Promo Code CHD2.

This man painted one of his oil wells pink. He is a self-made success and born risk taker and this book contains 18 personal stories in true Texas style. He has side splitting accounts of life and plenty of hard earned life lessons. Women throughout are his colorful perspectives on overcoming obstacles, beating  odds and realizing the joy of paying it forward. It will change your way of thinking.

The book is about $40.00 depending on shipping, depending on where you live.