Lions Pancake Breakfast

My husband goes to the Lions Pancake Breakfast each year. This year after he went with his friends in the morning and wanted to meet some other friends down there again later. I said, “Take me.” I had never been to the breakfast. I knew that my own father was a Charter member of this club years ago. 

You get coffee, juice, sausages, and a plate full of pancakes with blue berry sauce on it. Maybe there is other choices of syrup. I had my guy get my food, as I chatted with the guys. There was a lion walking around and a man with an ARCO tank on his back delivering coffee. I was telling a friend about it on the phone, she didn’t remember any of the details when she went a few years ago with her husband.

As we first went in you could have your blood glucose level checked.

They had a health fair table of brochures on diabetes and other ailments.

You could bring glasses to donate for the cause. 

The wall was lined with all their sponsors and more were being put up.

This was an all day event in the Pioneer Center. The volunteers were attentive always going and delivering more coffee. The room was packed.

The popular donor placemat was on the tables,including three funeral home brochures.

Upon leaving they had a bake sale and another table, unsure what was at that table. It must of been a glucose free bake sale. What do you think?

You know how pre-diabetes and diabetes is pretty serious in this country. In a major study, people at high risk for type 2 diabetes have lowered their risk by eating less, exercising more and of course losing weight.  How? They did the following

-cut down on fewer food and drink calories

-exercised by walking 30 minutes per day, at least 5 days a week

-cut down on the fat

-lost wieght by all of the above

Need help: Call 1-800-Diabetes

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, kidney problems, eye problems, heart disease, and even a stroke. When I think of diabetes I think of my grandmother having her leg cut off, my dad having his leg cut off, I think of another family member having gangrene in his foot and dying from it. DIABETES IS SERIOUS. You can go blind. What would life be like?

That is not to say that preservatives and all that stuff they put in food is good for you. It is not. In fact, it stops you from losing weight and helps you to gain belly fat. Yesterday I watched a video on why people can’t lose belly fat. Belly fat is serious. There is actually a book on it. It’s is all a matter of changing one’s diet to wholesome, natural foods. Skip the chips, canned goods, etc.  Go al la natural!